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Snowy Winter Window Decoration

This is another use for peel-off stickers. Not the stickers themselves but their negatives. Never again will you throw these negatives away. They are so worthy because they can be enlarged to create wonderful templates to create pictures such as the ones in this project.



Glass Painting - Snowy Winter Window Decoration 1

For this project you will need:

- sheet of clear acetate
- black glass liner paint
- glass paint in several colors depending on your motif
- peel-off sticker negatives
- iridescent glitter (optional)


1. Place the negative in your scanner and scan it. Then print out the scan in the size you need. Here the picture filled a complete DIN A-4 sheet of copy paper.
2. Place your acetate over the scan and use the black lining paint to trace the areas. Let it dry completely before continuing. This will usually take about 2 hours.
3. Fill in the areas now with the appropriate colors and let these dry 24 hours. If you would like a little sparkle, sprinkle a bit of iridescent glitter onto the wet paint.
4. Cut out the shape (here a circle) and hang.

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Glass Painting - Snowy Winter Window Decoration 2
Winter Church and Village Scene

Glass Painting - Snowy Winter Window Decoration 3
Winter Cottage and Landscape

Glass Painting - Snowy Winter Window Decoration 6
Here white liner paint was used and sprinkled with iridescent glitter. The areas were not filled in once the liner paint dried. Instead it was hung just so as a wintery picture for the winter months after Christmas.


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Glass Painting - Snowy Winter Window Decoration




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