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Greeting Cards for Spring Birthdays and Celebrations

During spring, there are many occasions to craft cards for. Perhaps you need a card for Valentine’s Day to show the one you love just how much that person means to you. Or maybe you want to wish someone good luck on St. Patrick’s Day. You could surprise a family member with a card you made yourself for Easter. Or even give a special couple a handmade card for their wedding day or create a special card to thank your mother for all she has done for you.

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Washi Tape Bird Greeting Card

Washi Tape Birds Greeting Card

Washi Tape comes in so many colors and designs can be used to decorate just  about anything you like. Here it embellishes cardboard birds and gives them such a happy and cheerful look. This makes this card a pleasure to make as well as to give to someone you want to say hello to.

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Easter Card - Purple Hopping Easter Bunny

Lilac Easter Bunny Card

After the long dark grey months of winter, we desire color when spring arrives. This card is easily made and looks cheerful in the tones of lilac and purple.

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Valentine's Day Card - All You Need is Love

All You Need is Love Valentine Card

On occasions such as Valentine’s Day or a wedding anniversary, you need the perfect card to express your feelings.

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Greeting Card Craft - We've Moved

We’ve Moved Card

This card with the whimsical houses is a perfect way to get the message out.

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Spring Birthday Card

Cheerful Spring Birthday Card

Nothing says spring more than the little birds that cheer us every morning with their joyful song in the early months of the year.

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New Year's Card - Happy New Year

New Year’s Card or Invitation

This card is just bubbling away and is perfect for sending a new year’s wish or to even be used as an invitation to a new year’s eve party. The filling for the shaker card is iridescent flakes which add to the sparkly look of the card.

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Happy Birthday Bird Card

Happy Birthday Bird Card

What better motif than a bird for a spring card?

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Spring Card - Cheery Green Greeting Card

Green Greeting Card

The color of this card resembles the fresh green grass of spring.

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Birthday Card - Spring Card - Friendship Card with Butterflies for all Occasions

Spring Friendship Card with Butterflies

A special friend will enjoy receiving this fresh and cheery card in the spring.

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Silver Wedding Anniversary Card

Silver Wedding Anniversary Card

Twenty-Five years of marriage is a special occasion to celebrate. This card is legantly held in silver and white and is very quick and easy to make.

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More Greeting Cards for Spring Birthdays and Celebrations

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