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Olive Green Beaded Necklace

Once you have stocked up on basic jewelry supplies, you will become addicted to making necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The basic technique is simple and the amount of possibilities is unlimited. Mix and match beads and stones to create jewelry to complete your wardrobe. The technique described in the link below shows the basic steps required to assemble such a necklace. How your necklace will look in the end will be determined by the types and amounts of beads chosen. You can determine how long or short you wish the necklace to be.



Jewelry and Bead Craft - Green Beaded Necklace

For this project you will need:

- one pack of at least 100 silver crimping beads
- 3 (+ -) green square glass beads
- 6 (+ -) olive green 8/0 glass beads
- 10 (+ -) 4mm dark green glass beads
- 10 (+ -) light green chips beads
- 5 (+ -) dark green 6mm faceted beads
- small flat pliers
- 1 roll of perlon string 0.40 mm thick
- necklace closure of choice
- two silver pinch catches


The step-by-step tutorial is for another necklace but the same basic steps got used. Just substitute the beads listed above and follow the instructions. The pictures above show how the beads for this particular necklace got arranged. You may of course vary according to the supplies you have.

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