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Real Autumn Leaves Window Decoration

Take the kids out on a walk during the fall months and try to find the prettiest leaves available. Once you are at home, press the leaves in a book (like a telephone book) for a few days. Then you and your kids can make this project and display these nature treasures on the window to preserve the warm autumn glow just a bit longer.



Autumn Leaves Window Decoration 1

For this project you will need:

- assorted pretty autumn leaves
- Aslan Foil (H300) - this product is sold in some European countries, especially in the Netherlands and Germany and
  is a clear one sided self adhesive hard plastic sheet (PVC). The type used for this project is about 3mm thick so the
  leaves are quite stable - look for a similar product in the country you live in or try using contact paper or similar of a thicker
- scissors
- clear tape for hanging on the window


1. Cut 2 pieces of Aslan foil that are slightly larger than the leaf you will be covering. Now remove the protective thin layer foil from the sticky side of the Aslan and press the leaf onto it. Make sure the leaf is as flat as possible.
2. Now remove the protective foil from the second Aslan piece and press it onto the backside of the leaf.
3. Cut a border around the leaf that is about 5 mm or about 1/4 inch wide.
4. Hang the leaves in window by placing a rolled up piece of tape on what looks like the backside of the leaf and press onto the window. You cannot see the tape from the front side.

Autumn Leaves Window Decoration 4

Autumn Leaves Window Decoration 3

Autumn Leaves Window Decoration 2
Ages 8 and older

Kids will have so much fun collecting leaves and displaying them in the window. The more the merrier! Especially when the sun shines, the colors of the leaves look so brilliant.





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Autumn Leaves Window Decoration





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