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Halloween Textile Crafts - Felt Halloween Plant Sticks


Add the look of Halloween even to your green house plants with these seasonal figures. These sre so quick and easy to make using stiff felt, a raffia bow and a shishkabob stick. They make also great ornaments and package toppers as well.



Halloween Felt Plant Sticks Set

Supplies Needed:

- stiff felt (easy felt) in the colors of white, black, green and orange
- green and orange natural raffia
- hot glue gun
- scissors
- shishkabob sticks
- hole puncher for the eyes
- pencils for tracing (use a white or yellow pencil on the black felt so you can
  see the markings)
- cereal box to create permanant templates
- glue stick

Craft Pattern:

Halloween Templates for Plant Sticks

Templates for Halloween Felt Plant Sticks



1. Print out the craft pattern so it fills out your printer paper. Take the pattern and then glue it to a cereal box side and cut out the figures. Now you have permanent templates you can trace around and use again and again.
2. Cut out the figures.
3. Create a raffia bow for each one and hot glue them on.
4. Hot glue a shishkabob stick to the backside of each figure.

Halloween Felt Cat Plant Stick

Halloween Felt Ghost Plant Stick


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