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Mini-Wall Hanging for Summer

The mixture of reds and oranges gives this wall hanging a cheerful summer look. Basic patchwork and sewing experience is required to make the mini - wallhanging. Note: All sewing gets done with a 1 cm seam allowance.



Fabric Crafts - Patchwork Crafts - Sewing Crafts - Mini Wall Hanging 2

For this project you will need:

- fabrics (measurements below) in the colors of white, red, and orange print
- red sewing thread
- sewing machine
- fusible web
- sewing needle
- ruler
- roll cutter
- scissors

Cut your Fabric:

1. Cut the white fabric in 3 blocks measuring 15 x 15 cm.

2. Cut the red fabric in:

2 strips measuring 4 x 15 cm
4 strips measuring 4 x 18 cm
2 strips measuring 4 x 21 cm
2 strips measuring 6 x 19 cm and
1 piece measuring 19 x 53 cm.

3. Cut the orange fabric in:

1 strip measuring 4 x 15 cm
2 strips measuring 4 x 18 cm
1 strip measuring 4 x 21


Free Pattern: Flower






1. Cut 2 red circles from the pattern, 1 red flower, 1 orange circle from the pattern and 2 orange flowers.
2. Starting with the 4 x 15 cm strip, attach it to the ivory block and sew them together. Turn 1 side and add the 4 x 18 cm strip, and procede to sew it like the piece before. Turn and add the next 4 x 18 strip side and the last side gets the 4 x 21 cm strip sewn to it. One block is completed.
3. Make the other 2 blocks the same way so you have a total of 3 blocks.
4. Press the blocks with the iron.
5. Print pattern. Trace 3 flowers and 3 circles onto the fusible web. Cut out and fuse the flowers and circles onto the fabrics. Then remove paper backings and fuse onto the blocks as seen in the picture.
6. Hand stitch (blanket stitch) or machine stitch the flowers with red thread if desired. Instructions are below how to hand stitch.
7. Sew the blocks onto to one another. Cut seam allowances and press with the iron.
8. Sew the 2 - 6 x 19 strips together and pull inside out. Press them flat and lay these onto the back side of the sewn blocks on the top. The loops should be looking down. Allign the edges with the open edges of the top block.
9. Add the 19 x 53 backing piece and pin the front and back together. Make sure the loops are inside.
10. Sew the front to the back leaving an opening for turning. Cut away 1/2 cm seam allowance before turning and clip the corners. Turn. Iron the wallhanging and sew open end together by hand.
11. With the machine, sew with 1/2 cm margin totally around the wallhanging to secure the front to the back. Press seams flat.

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Fabric Crafts - Patchwork Crafts - Sewing Crafts - Mini Wall Hanging 3
Detail of the appliqued flower.





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Fabric Crafts - Patchwork Crafts - Sewing Crafts - Mini Wall Hanging



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