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Crafts and Decorations for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or Mother’s Day

Here you will find more cards you can make for your loved one as well as other crafts with hearts to give as gifts or to decorate your home with.

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Romantic Hearts

Romantic Hearts

Add a touch of romance to the room with these simple hearts.

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Fabric Heart Wreath

Fabric Heart Wreath

This heart in soft country colors will add a romantic touch to any room in your home.

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Fabric Hearts Ornaments

Fabric Country Hearts Ornaments

One year during autumn, left over printed and solid red fabric was used to make these Fabric Apple Ornaments. With Valentine’s Day in mind, the same fabric can of course be used to create fabric hearts as well.

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Valentine's Day Card - Beautiful Pink Valentine's Card with Hearts

Pink Hearts Valentine’s Day Card

This Valentine’s Day card uses the soft color of pink instead of red. It is very quick and easy to make.

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Transparent Valentine Hearts

Colorful Hanging Hearts

These are fun and easy for kids to craft just using paper and hard clear self adhesive foil.

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Needle Felted Styorfoam Heart

Needle Felted Valentine’s Day Heart

If you need a small little something as a token of love for Valentines Day or other special moment in a relationship, you can create this soft heart within an hour.

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Paper Craft for Spring - Paper Heart Plant Stick

Paper Heart Plant Stick

This is a great group project for school aged kids ages 8 and up to make for their moms as a mothers day gift or even as a Valentine gift. It is quick and easy to craft and requires just a minimal of materials.

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Valentine's Day Inchies Canvas

Inchies on Canvas - “Valentine’s Day Love and Hearts”

What says love more than red hearts? This canvas is full of symbols that say I love you and is kept in the colors of red and white for simplification.

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Acrylic Hanging Heart Ornaments

Acrylic Heart Ornaments

Combine acrylic hearts with decoratively designed paper napkins to achieve this bright and cheery look.

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Valentine's Day ATC - Hearts and Glass Nuggets

Valentine Hearts ATC

This ATC is very easy and quick to make. It makes a perfect addition to the theme of love or Valentines Day.

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More Crafts and Decorations for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or Mother’s Day

(1-10)     (11-20)     (21-30)     (31-40)     (41-50)     (51-60)



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