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Creating Colored Salt and Color Salt Votive Decoration

This is a fun craft project for kids in the summer. Not only will it keep them busy but it is also inexpensive to do. Recycle jam or mustard jars, let the kids create the color salt and then they can fill the glasses up in layers of colors.



Summer Craft for Kids - Colored Sand Glass Decoration

For this project you will need:

- salt
- street or sidewalk chalk in different colors
- small bowls for mixing and glasses
- jelly jars
- mustard jars, wide straight glasses, etc... to fill the sand in

Recommended for ages 6 and up


Examine the tutorial pictures to create the color salt. This craft recipe is simple!

Colored Salt 1
1. The first step is to fill a small bowl up with the amount of salt you need. Insert the chalk and work it around the salt in a circular motion.

Colored Salt 2
2. This will start to color the salt. A little patience is needed. Continue until the color is as intense as you would like it to be.

Colored Salt 3
3. Fill your glass now with the colored salts. This will create layers of different colors. If you would like to create patterns and designs, take a spoon end or a knitting needle and insert it in the glass and poke the colors down as desired. By moving the object around, you can create many interesting looks.





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Summer Craft for Kids - Colored Sand Glass Decoration



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