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Straw Hanging Decoration

Straws can be fun to craft with. This decoration is created by just beading cut straws on a nylon or perlon thread. Several rows of these can be created and hung next to each other. When a breeze blows, these turn and are interesting to watch.



Straw Hanging Decoration

For this project you will need:

- straws cut into 5 centimeter pieces
- 1 glass bead
- fishing line for hanging
- needle
- scissors


1. Cut all of the straws you intend to use and place them aside.
2. Knot a bead on the bottom of the fishing line. This will add necessary weight to the line to hold the decoration down.
3. Just bead the straws by inserting the needle through the middle of the flat side of the straw. They will turn on their own in different directions.
4. And arrange the straw pieces in a pattern of your choice.





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Straw Hanging Decoration

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