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Straw Bangle

These bangles for kids are easy for them to craft and require a minimum of materials to create. Let the kids choose their favorite colors of straws to make cheery summery pieces of jewelry.



Straw Bangle

For this project you will need:

- left over masking tape roll or similar
- straws in colors of choice cut into pieces the same width as the tape roll
- strong double sided tape
- scissors

Recommended for ages 6 and up


1. Cover the entire outside of the masking tape roll with double sided adhesive.
2. Once the straw pieces are cut, decide which pattern you want to have on the bangle and then press the straws firmly onto the roll so that they adhere to the tape. Continue until the bangle is completely covered.

Straw Bangle Detail
There are many choices on how to arrange the straws. The bangle can be totally single colored or maybe a striped pattern in favorite summer colors, or colors of a football team or of one’s own country.





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