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Canvas With Seashell Inchies

If you go often to the beach for summer vacation of if you live close to a beach, then you probably have a small collection of seashells. And these are just too pretty and unique to throw away. This is an idea of how you can display seashells and have a new decoration for your walls at the same time.



Summer Canvas with Seashells Inchies

For this project you will need:

- thick canvas, 15 x 15 cm in size
- different shades of beige, brown or any natural colored cardboard or corrugated cardstock
- seashells of choice (you need 9 squares cut in 2 inch or 5 cm size)
- dried seagrass, dried moss or other similar dried natural material
- natural colored jute ribbon, cording, twine, raffia or other similar material for embellishing
- clear double sided tape or adhesive
- sand
- craft glue and hot glue
- any other embellishment that you have that would fit to the theme


Let the picture inspire you and give you ideas how you can decorate your inchies. Here, each inchie measures 2 inches or approximately 5 centimeters. The theme here is seashells and has a very natural look to it which is achieved by using only earth colors of paper, details and seashelle. Once you have completed the amount of inchies you need, the next step is to organzie them onto the canvas. These inchies were adhered using 3-D foam tape, but you can also use glue or hot glue if you would prefer that. Because of the weight of some seashells, that may be the better choice.

Summer Canvas with Seashells Inchies - Detail 1
Here a piece of jute ribbon was first adhered to the inchie using clear double sided adhesive. Afterwards the seashells were glued to it.

Summer Canvas with Seashells Inchies - Detail 2
In this example, double sided tape was first used to cover the inchie and then sand was used to cover the tape to give it a sort of beach look. A couple of knots were tied in the raffia piece and then it was adhered to the inchie as well as the seashells.

Summer Canvas with Seashells Inchies - Detail 3
In this example, twine was used to wrap around the grooves of the corrugated cardboard.





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