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Paper Crafts for Summer and All Occasions - Decoupaged Cardboard Box Tote Bag


If you have some small boxes, you can recycle and alter them into cute cardboard totes. Recycling not only saves money, but it also keeps our environment friendlier. For your tote, you can use scrapbook paper, magazine clippings, stamps or a combination of paper elements that harmonize in color or theme.



Paper Craft for Summer and All Occasions - Decoupaged Cardboard Tote Bag Project

For this project you will need:

- small box such as a cereal box or other box
- choice of paper pieces or postage stamps to decoupage the box
- fine permanent marking pen
- scissors
- decoupage glue

Craft Pattern*:

Handle for Tote Bag

Handle Template

* Print out the template accordingly to fit to the size of your box.



1. The first step is to cut the top flap of your box away leaving it completely open.
2. Start tearing your papers and glue them onto your box. The technique used on this project is called decoupage. Instructions for this technique can be found in the
decoupage tutorial. The instructions show stamps but the technique applies for any type of paper. At this point, apply only one layer of glue over the papers.
3. Once your box is covered on all sides and dry, take your handle template and lay it below the top of the box where you would like to have it and trace the template on both sides. Carefully cut the holes out with scissors.
4. Apply more coats of glue to the box until the desired look or shine is achieved.

Craft Tutorial:

Decoupage Box Tutorial

Follow the decoupage tutorial to learn how to make this project.



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