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New Year’s Craft - Sparkly 2017 Decoration

This craft is quickly made using hot glue and a silicone candy or baking form with numbers. Glitter gives the finished project the extra sparkle for the occasion.



Sparkly 2017 Decoration for New Year's Eve

For this project you will need:

- silicone chocolate or baking form with numbers (this particular form had the possibility to create pops so a stick can be
- hot glue gun
- hot glue sticks in a variety of colors
- craft glue
- paint brush for brushing on glue
- glitter matching the chosen colors of glue sticks
- shishkabob stocks or cake pop sticks of your choice


Tutorial - New Year's Decoration 1
1. Choose the numbers you wish to use and insert a shishkabob stick in the slot. Then heat up the hot glue gun and pour glue into the designated area until the number is full. Make sure the stick stays in place while the glue is drying.

Tutorial - New Year's Decoration 2
2. Once the glue is cold, you can remove the numbers. Though the glue sticks that were used were glittery, the dullness of the silicone form used prevented that the front side of the numbers are sparkly.

Tutorial - New Year's Decoration 3
3. For extra sparkle, just brush on craft glue on one of the numbers.

Tutorial - New Year's Decoration 4
4. Work over a piece of paper. While the glue is still wet, shake on a generous amount of glitter to cover it. Then tap the backside of the number to get rid of excess glitter on the number. Set aside to dry. Any glitter that was shaken off can then be filled back into the glitter container.

Tutorial - New Year's Decoration 5
5. Once finished, the number is full of sparkle and ready to use. Repeat for the remaining numbers. If you want, you can paint the sticks as well.




2017 New Years Eve Decoration

New Year's Decoration - Sparkly 2017 Toppers
This project can be repeated for any year. Also you can create numbers for birthdays, anniversaries, etc... using the same technique.


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Sparkly 2017 Decoration for New Year's Eve




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