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Natural Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece With Candle

If you like a more simple and charming look for your home, you do not need many supplies to create this centerpiece which not only looks natural but adds a fresh aroma of evergreens to your home. If you are planning a Christmas party, make a few of these to use as centerpieces for the tables.



Evergreen Centerpiece for Christmas

For this project you will need:

- tree slice
- fresh evergreens and holly and berry twigs
- 3 pinecones
- candle
- strong stapler or hot glue gun
- drill with 3.5 mm bit
- wood screw long enough to go through tree slice and add at least 2 to 3 centimeters length to it


1. Drill a hole through the tree slice where you wish to have the candle. Screw a screw through the hole from underneath. Now turn the candle onto the screw to give it stability and so that it does not easily tip over.
2. Arrange your evergreens onto a tree slice in a pleasing way and either hot glue these to it or staple the ends down. Make sure to cover the glued/stapled ends so they are not unsightly.




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