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Find here creative craft projects for kids of all ages to do in the summer or on a rainy day. Crafting is fun and is a quality way spending time with your kids.



Paper Butterflies Craft

Colorful Paper Butterflies Craft


Glass Cling Mosaic Star Window Decoration

Mosaic Glass Cling Star


Paper Clown Decoration

Clown Paper Decoration


200 Paper Gecko

Gecko Paper Craft


Ant Craft

Ant Craft for Kids


African Animals Suncatchers

African Animal Suncatchers


Rainbow Flowers Window Decoration

Rainbow Flowers


Melting Beads or Fuse Beads Gull

Melting Beads Seagull


Pom-Pom Pig

Pom-Pom Pig


Pom-Pom Tree

Pom-Pom Apple Tree


Decorative Pencil Holder for Kids

Colorful Pencil Holders


Fun Foam Ice Cream Cones

Fun Foam Ice Cream Cones


Slimey the Snail Craft Idea

Snail Paper Decoration


Friendly Styrofoam Spider Craft

Friendly Styrofoam Spider


Textured Memory Game for Kids

Textured Memory Game


Colorful Abstract Art for Kids

Abstract Word Art


America Fuse Bead Pattern

Melting Beads America Pattern


Cute Cork Clown

Bottle Cork Clown


Frog Pot Sitter

Frog Flower Pot Sitter


Blue Beaded Ring

Beaded Ring


American Flag Plant Poke

American Flag Plant Poke


Origami Picture Frame Craft for Kids

Origami Picture Frame Project

Paper Apple Suncatcher

Paper Apple Suncatcher

Rainy Day Crafts

Fun Rainy Day Craft Ideas




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