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Crafts for Kids for Summer and All Occasions

Find here creative craft projects for kids of all ages to do in the summer or on a rainy day. Crafting is fun and is a quality way spending time with your kids.

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Paper Butterflies Craft

Colorful Paper Butterflies Craft

Each butterfly is an original and would look great decorating a wall or door.

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Abstract Art for Kids

Abstract Word Art

Can you read what word is written here? This colorful rainy day project for kids can be made with a sheet of paper and color markers, pencils or crayons. Our kids made similar projects in their schools using their own names, but here, cheery words were chosen to create these pictures. Each handwriting is individual so each piece of art will be unique, as well.

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Ant Craft

Ant Craft for Kids

Aren’t these little guys with the big eyes just too cute? They are fun for the kids to make and can be used to decorate the area around house plants in the home or be used as a funny idea to decorate a picnic table.

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Glass Cling Mosaic Star Window Decoration

Glass Cling Mosaic Star Window Decoration

This fun project not only lets the kids show their patriotic spirit, but also decoratively upcycles a clear round lid from a tub of quark. Of course, any clear lid or disc shape will do for this project.

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Frog Pot Sitter

Frog Flower Pot Sitter

This frog not only has a green thumb but will guard your plants with his charming smile!

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Paper Craft for Summer - Origami Picture Frame Craft for Kids 200

Origami Picture Frame Project

Kids like to collect pictures of their friends, pets or stars and kids also do a lot of drawings. All of these pictures will look great on display when put into a crafted frame that the child can make on its own.

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Summer Craft for Kids - Clay Pot Lighthouse Craft

Clay Pot Lighthouse

Let the kids bring summer in your home with this easy to do craft. With a few clay pots and some paint, they can create a lighthouse to decorate a window sill or shelf in any room of the house. The small decorations used at the bottom of the lighthouse are only suggestions. Children can also use seashells that they found on the beach instead to decorate  theirs.

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Pom-Pom Tree

Pom-Pom Apple Tree

Amazing what can be made out of pom-poms. This idea shows what you can create using green yarn. The apple tree looks almost real with its thick crown  and juicy red apples and is fun for kids to craft using just a pom-pom, corrugated cardboard and wooden beads.

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Melting Beads Lighthouse

Melting Beads Lighthouse

This is a fun and easy maritime project to keep young hands busy during the summer.

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Rainbow Flowers Window Decoration

Rainbow Flowers Window Decoration

Imagine how vivid and bright these colorful flowers will look when the summer sun shines through the window. These are really fun for kids to make and no two will ever look alike.

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