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Crafts and Projects for Kids for Spring Celebrations

Many different techniques to develop the fine motor skills such as cutting, painting, gluing are used for the projects, and different materials, such as fuse beads, clay pots, paper, fun foam, and chenille, just to name a few, give the kids plenty of choices of items to use for their crafts.

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Spring Paper Craft - Color Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper Flower Bouquet for Mother’s Day

This is a beautiful and creative way for kids to give flowers and is also so fun to do. And the great thing is... these flowers will not wilt away after a couple of days!

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Paper Tulips

Paper Tulips Flower Bouquet

Nothing says spring more than colorful tulips. This project can be made by kids ages 9 and over (and adults, of course) who want to create a lovely decoration for the window sill during the spring season or even for Mom as a gift for Mothers Day.

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Paper Mosaic Heart Craft

Paper Mosaic Heart

This heart sparkles really pretty and is a fun and expensive craft for kids to make. Each heart is a one of a kind piece of art that mom will surely treasure for many years to come.

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Spring Craft for Kids - Cute Chenille Pig Pencil Pal Topper

Chenille Pig Pencil Pal

Writing becomes a lot more fun when such a cute character is assisting. This little pig pal is quick and easy to craft but a little patience is needed until the glue dries. Chenille is fun. Practice with different colors of chenille to create other animals like bears, mice, cats, lions, penguins, cows, etc... and follow the basic assembly steps. Size of head is about 5 cm or 2 inches.

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Spring Paper Crafts for Kids - Origami Paper Butterfly

Origami Butterfly

This is a fun and creative paper craft project for children and will keep them busy for a little while if the weather is too hot to go outdoors or if it is rainy.

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Easter Craft - Clay Pot Bunny

Clay Pot Easter Bunny

This Easter Bunny is waiting patiently for Easter to come. His first egg is ready to be given away. This project is really fun for kids. An idea would be to create a few of these and use them as place markers for Easter breakfast. Create a small paper sign with the names of the guests and insert the sign in the other hand”.

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Fuse Bead Shamrock Clover

Fuse Beads / Perler Beads Clover

The color of green dominates St. Patricks Day. With just a handfull of fuse beads, kids can create this clover within a few minutes.

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Paper Hen and Chick Decoration

Paper Hen Decoration

The hen is waiting patiently for all of her chicks to hatch! With parental or adult assistance, this is an easy and fun project for school aged children.

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Easter Craft for Kids - Soft Easter Animals

Soft Easter Animals

With some cardboard box sides and some cotton balls, kids can create these oh so soft Easter animals.

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Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

Upcycled Lid Heart Suncatcher

Some tubs of quark or yoghurt come with clear plastic lids. These can be upcycled to lets kids create this colorful hanging heart. If these type of lids are not available in your area, you can also use clear acrylic discs or a stiff acetate circle instead.

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More Crafts and Projects for Kids for Spring Celebrations

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