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Christmas Craft - Hot Glue Glittery Christmas Embellishments

Aren’t these so cheery and cute? Christmas candy molds out of silicone are not only great for creating chocolate treats for the holidays, but are excellent to use with hot glue to make these adorable figures with. If the mold is heat resistant, then it can most likely be used for this project. These are fun and done in just a few minutes. they can be used to embellish gifts, to add to advent calendars, as stocking stuffers, for garlands, etc...



Hot Glue Glittery Christmas Embellishments

For this project you will need:

Silicone Christmas Candy Molds
- silicone chocolate candy molds with various Christmas motifs
- hot glue gun
- glittery hot glue sticks


All you have to do is heat up your glue gun with a glitter hot glue stick and fill the candy mold with the hot glue and let the glue thoroughly cool down. Then it can be easily pressed out of the mold and is ready to use.

Fill Candy Molds With Hot Glue

Information: A shiny mold will result in shiny figures. If your mold is dull, the figures will be dull as well. If you would like these to have more sparkle, you can brush on a thin layer of glue and shake on glitter while the glue is still wet. Then let the glue dry before using.

Another alternative you could di in this case is to shake some glitter into the mold before adding the hot glue. When the figure gets popped out, the glue will be on the front side of it.




Christmas Craft - Glitter Hot Glue Embellishments

Hot Glue Gingerbread Man,Tree and Snowflake

Red Glittery Hot Glue Christmas Figures

Glittery Hot Glue Christmas Garland

Red Christmas Embellishments

Hot Glue Glittery Gingerbread Man Gift Embellishment
These can also be used to embellish Christmas gifts.

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Hot Glue Glittery Christmas Embellishments 300




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