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Faux Metal Butterfly

Make these 3-D butterflies to decorate any room or window in the house. The varnish gives the paper a nice shine and the look of metal. The stuffing in the butterfly gives it a lot of body and dimension. You can also make smaller versions of this pattern to create refrigerator magnets or scrapbook embellishments.



Faux Metal Butterfly

For this project you will need:

- two different sheets of scrapbook paper
- clear varnish
- paint brush
- liquid glue
- paper clips
- batting

Craft Pattern:

Butterfly Pattern for Paper Craft

Butterfly Template






1. Print out the pattern and cut both the wings and body twice out. Remember to cut the second pieces always out in reverse.
2. Adhere the two wing pieces together by running a line of glue along the backside edge of the wings. Leave about an 4 cm or 1 1/2 inch opening for inserting the stuffing.
3. Press batting into opening using a knitting needle or other long and thin object to push the batting into all corners of the wings. Once you have the amount you like, seal off the wings with glue.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the body. Once finished, adhere the body to the wings.
5. Now you want to add 3 layers of varnish to both sides of the butterfly. Let the varnish dry completely between each layer.
6. Use as desired.





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Faux Metal Butterfly



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