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Fall Decoration - Forest Scene in a Jar

This idea was inspired after bike riding on a path through the woods and observing the surroundings. Even though it was the beginning of September, the mushrooms were already sprouting up throughout the mossy floor of forest. The hedgehogs have also been out late in the evenings looking for food to prepare themselves for their winter nap. This just seemed like a lovely idea for a scene to fill a glass with.



Fall Decoration

You will need:

- wide glass jar or candy jar (this glass is “Vardargen” from Ikea)
- beige or light brown colored sand to fill the glass
- fallen twigs from trees or bushes
- moss
- light brown thick felt yarn
- felt leaves to embellish
- clay or plaster of Paris mushrooms and hedgehogs

Fall Decoration Supplies
This image shows various items that were collected to fill the glass. Not everything was used but just shows the possibilities of what you can use.


First of all, fill the large candle glass about 1/4 full with the decorative sand. small orange pebbles or sand. Then place the moss on top of the sand to look like an autumn forest floor. The twigs were placed straight up in the glass to add some height to the decoration.
Fall Decoration Tutorial

Then select your choice of figures (like mushrooms and hedgehogs) and set up your scene the way you like. Nestle the figures into the sand to hold them in place. Wrap a piece of felt yarn around the top of the jar and embellish the ends with a couple of felt leaves.

Autumn Plaster of Paris
These are plaster of Paris castings that we poured and painted. The mushrooms and hedgehogs from this set were used for this project. You can use whatever you like for your fall scene.

Fall Centerpiece

Fall Centerpiece Detail Picture
Cute hedgehogs and sprouting mushrooms are perfect for the scene.





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