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Clay Pot Lighthouse

Let the kids bring summer in your home with this easy to do craft. With a few clay pots and some paint, they can create a lighthouse to decorate a window sill or shelf in any room of the house. The small decorations used at the bottom of the lighthouse are only suggestions. Children can also use seashells that they found on the beach instead to decorate theirs.



Summer Craft for Kids - Clay Pot Lighthouse Craft

For this project you will need:

- 4 different sized clay pots that fit nicely on top of each other
- 1 small clay pot saucer for the top and also 1 clay pot saucer that fits under the bottom clay pot
- acrylic paint in the colors of white, black, yellow, beige and brown
- paint brushes
- craft glue or a glue gun
- jute ribbon in a natural color
- small decorations such as fish
- starfish
- seashells
- a seagull, etc...


1. Base paint the bottom 3 pots with white and let them dry.
2. Paint the smallest pot yellow and let it dry.
3, At the bottom rim of each of the white pots, paint with the blue acrylic color.
4. Paint the smallest saucer black and the larger saucer with beige.
5. You can age the painted pots and saucers by dry brushing brown on the white and white on the blue and black. This is done by dipping your brush in the color and wiping the paint off with a paper towel. There is still color within the bristles. Now brush your brush lightly over the items and a hint of color will show. Gather new color as necessary and continue until the look you like is achieved.
6. Paint black windows and doors on the pots where you like.
7. Once everything is dry, glue the pots together in this order: Large saucer turned upside down, largest pot, second largest pot, third largest pot, small saucer upside down and now the top “light”.
8. Glue jute ribbon on the bottom saucer and decorate with fish or seashells.

Caution: Smaller children should use craft glue for this project. Older children can use a hot glue gun under the supervision of an adult.

Recommended for ages 9 and up

A special thanks goes to the friendly people at Gardenloversclub for featuring this project on their blog.





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Summer Craft for Kids - Clay Pot Lighthouse Craft



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