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Upcycling Bottles Into Christmas Vases

Glass bottles can be easily turned into lovely Christmas vases within an hour. It is such an easy craft and they look and feel wonderful when finished. The vases in turn can be filled with white branches and embellished with small baubles to create simple decorations for the holiday.



Yarn Wrapped Christmas Vases

For this project the following supplies were used:

Yarn Wrapped Vase Tutorial 1

- red and white yarn (leftover cotton yarn from a knitting project was used here)
- strong double sided adhesive tape
- one or more clean and empty glass bottles (the more, the merrier)


Yarn Wrapped Vase Tutorial 2
1. First double sided adhesive tape was wrapped all away around the bottom of a bottle.

Yarn Wrapped Vase Tutorial 3
2. The paper backing was then removed from the tape.

Yarn Wrapped Vase Tutorial 4
3. Then press one end of the yarn at the very bottom edge of the bottle to cover the tape and then tautly wrap the yarn around the bottle. Try not to leave any gaps when wrapping each new row and press the yarn against the bottle occasionally as you are wrapping.

Yarn Wrapped Vase Tutorial 5
4. When you want to add a new color, just cut the end and press against the tape. Then press the new end against the cut end and simply continue wrapping.

Yarn Wrapped Vase Tutorial 6
5. Then continue again with the next color. If your tape is getting low, just add another row of it as necessary.

Yarn Wrapped Vase Tutorial 7
6. When you get to the neck of the bottle, it will start to taper off. When you apply more tape, it will become more wrinkly. That is not a problem. Just press the tape against the bottle as much as possible and make sure there is little air under the wrinkles. Once you wrap the bottle with the yarn, the wrinkles will not be seen. The yarn will also want to slide more upwards as the bottle begins to taper so especially pay attention to that area while wrapping to push the yarn back in place. Once more rows are added, the yarn will stay in place. As you reach the slender and straight neck of the bottle, this will not occur anymore. Then continue until you reach the top of the bottle.




Christmas Craft - Yarn Wrapped Vases
This projects is an inexpensive way to bring the colors of the season in your home.


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