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Paper Crafts for Summer and All Occasions - Altered Memo-Pad in Natural Look

Altering items can be so much fun and addicting. Nothing around your home will be safe again once you start. This item was once an ordinary Post-It™ memo-block. By creating a cover for it, it becomes an attractive vintage holder for your memo blocks. You can use scrap papers and decorative elements to make each holder a unique designer piece. By creating a few of them, you can also use them as small gifts.



Paper Craft for Summer and All Occasions - Altered Memo Pad in a Natural Look

For this project you will need:

- small memo-pad
- tan corrugated cardboard
- small piece of pack paper
- old vintage stamps or vintage papers with travel motifs
- tan colored feather
- brown packing paper
- white cardstock
- tan colored jute ribbon
- natural and tan colored mulberry paper
- 2 bronze eyelets
- hole puncher
- craft glue
- 2-sided strong self-adhesive sticky tape
- motif puncher with heart or desired motif
- ruler
- stick glue
- package twine
- scissors


1. Measure your corrugated cardboard to a size that is twice the height of your memo-pad plus 1-2 cm allowance and the exact width of your memo-pad. Cut the cardboard out and fold in half matching the short sides.
2. Place a piece of 2-sided sticky tape to the backside of the memo-pad and stick it inside of the cut out cover.
3. Punch a hole at the bottom of both open edges of the cover and attach an eyelet.
4. Glue a small piece of packing paper onto the white cardstock. Cut out 2 same sized triangles and glue these then to the bottom right and left corners of the cover. See picture.
5. Tear a piece of mulberry paper and glue it to the center of the cover.
6. Cut out 2 vintage motifs and glue them to either corrugated cardboard or to a piece of tan cardstock (or leftover cardstock from step 4). Cut a border around the motifs.
7. Glue these motifs now onto the cover. Insert the feather under one of the motifs for an extra effect.
8. Punch out a shape and use 3-D pads to stick it onto the cover.
9. Insert the twine through the eyelets and tie together.





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Paper Craft for Summer and All Occasions - Altered Memo Pad in a Natural Look



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