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Crafts and Projects for Kids for Spring Celebrations

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Corrugated Bunny Paper Napkin Holder

Easter Bunny Paper Napkin Holder

This bunny is a cute and easy idea for spring and lets kids help create decorations for the Easter dinner table.

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Chinese New Year Ox Pendant - Whole Ox

Chinese New Year 2009 Ox Pendant

The Chinese zodiac follows a twelve year cycle. One animal represents each of these twelve years. It is believed that those born under a particular animal has the characteristics of this animal. 2009 is the year of the ox. Kids and adults alike can create this ox pendant out of fun foam to celebrate this year.

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Transparent Valentine Hearts

Colorful Hanging Hearts

These are fun and easy for kids to craft just using paper and hard clear self adhesive foil.

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Easter Craft - Felt Chick Craft

Peek-a-Boo Felt Chick

This chick is making his grand appearance just in time for Easter. This project is easy and finished within 30 minutes.

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Valentine's Day Craft - Fun Foam Heart Refrigerator Magnets

Fun Foam Heart Refrigerator Magnets

These hearts look deliciously good enough to eat and will give a cheery touch to the refrigerator. Kids will have fun cutting out the hearts and decorating them in all sorts of ways.

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Spring Craft for Kids - Flower Power Bookmarker Craft Idea

Easy Flower Power Bookmark

Reading is a lot more fun with colorful bookmarks to save the pages! Kids will have fun creating these using different paper punchers and different colored papers. This marker is just one example of what they can do.

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Easter Paper Craft for Kids - Easy Easter Basket

Easy Easter Basket

This is a fun craft project for school-aged kids that is easy to make.

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Easter Craft for Kids - Transparent Easter Egg Window Decoration

Easter Egg Suncatcher

Pretty colorful flowers adorn these Easter eggs. Parents can assist the younger kids by cutting out or die cutting an egg and preparing the foil so that the kids just need to punch out flowers and stick them onto the foil.

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Paper Craft for Spring - Butterfly Window Decoration

Butterfly Suncatcher

Catch the suns rays with colorful butterflies! This is a fun paper craft project for children and a beautiful way to decorate the windows in the summer. By changing the colors or types of the papers used and by changing the size of the butterflies, kids can create a whole window full of these.

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Girl's Craft - Hip Tote Bag Using Stretchy Corrugated Cardboard

Girls Tote Bag Project

Due to the wavy structure and the rainbow colors, this bag has at the first glance the look of a crochet hand bag out of the 70’s . But in reality it is made out of a stretchy corrugated cardboard.

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