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Crafts and Decorations for Spring Celebrations

Here you will find more fresh ideas for the spring season and all of its holidays and occasions.

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Mosaic Heart Ornament

Mosaic Heart Ornament

Small mosaic tiles in shades of red and pink make this a perfect decoration for Valentines Day.

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Easter Crafts - White Cardboard Tube Easter Bunny

Cardboard Tube Easter Bunny

This is a cute and easy project if you are looking for a quick to make table or shelf decoration for Easter. One idea would be to create a set of these and use them as decoration for an Easter brunch table.

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Spring Craft Idea - Acrylic Ball with 3-D Motif - Daisy Flower

Acrylic Ball Decoration with Daisy Motif

Give your windows a fresh spring look with this craft. The technique is easy to follow by using the step-by-step tutorial and these decorations make also very nice take along gifts for special occasions.

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Craft Idea for Easter - Acrylic Egg with Easter Bunny Motif

3-D Easter Bunny in Acrylic Egg Ornament

This is a very lovely Easter egg and it is so easy to craft. It requires about 30 minutes to complete.

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Beaded Easter Egg

Beaded Easter Egg

It is hard to believe that this was once a simple white plastic Easter egg. By using the paper napkin applique technique to decorate the egg and then rolling the egg in glass micro beads, you can create this lovely decoration.

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Washi Tape Easter Basket

Easter Basket

A brown pappmach Easter basket was bought on sale after Easter last year and a way was needed to quickly decorate it for this year. Washi tape was the answer!

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Canvas Picture with Inchies - Yellow Spring and Easter Motifs

Spring and Easter Inchies on Canvas

This is a cheery way to decorate your wall and so much fun to make. It is an absolutely good way to use up small scraps of paper, fabric, scrapbook embellishments or anything you have around.

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Recycling Craft - Bottle Easter Bunny

Recycled Bottle Easter Bunny

The body of this bunny is actually a recycled smoothie bottle that would have ended up in the rubbish bin. The bottle had a shape that simply resembled a body and became just that. Add a head and paper mach the figure to create a bunny that you and the kids can create for Easter.

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Bunny Stones as Decorations

Stones Embellished With Bunnies

Within a couple of minutes each stone is finished and just needs to dry.

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Easter Craft - Candle with Bunny and Chick

Paper Napkin Decorated Easter Candle

A plain white candle and a decorative paper napkin with an Easter motif are all you need to create this project.

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