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Crafts and Decorations for Spring Celebrations

Spring is here and with it comes a warm and sunny feeling. The birds start to sing and the flowers start to bloom in the garden. Easter is around the corner and offers cute motifs to craft. Not only does crafting relax the mind but it is a wonderful way to express yourself.

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Fuzzy Plastic Canvas Bunny

Fuzzy Easter Bunny Ornament Made With Plastic Canvas

Isn’t this bunny adorable? Because of the fuzzy yarn, one cannot even tell the ornament is made using plastic canvas, either.

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Hot Glue Heart Ornaments 200

Hot Glue Heart Ornaments

This is probably the quickest craft you will make for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or for an anniversary. You will need less than 5 minutes to make each heart and then they only need to cool down afterwards. Once cold, they are already ready to use anyway you like.

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Glittery Easter Eggs 200

Glittery Easter Eggs

This idea takes the idea of candy chocolate eggs wrapped in aluminium foil a step further. Here plastic eggs were first glued with aluminium in foil and then individually decorated so that each egg is a unique work of art.

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Plaster of Paris Easter Decorations

Plaster of Paris Decorations for Easter

Instead of using craft molds intended for plaster of Paris, silicone baking molds from the kitchen were chosen to create these Easter figures. You can paint the castings then anyway you like but for this project, brown paint was used to create chocolate looking figures.

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Easter Glass Candle Holder With Bunny Motifs

Easter Hurricane Lamp Candle Holders With Bunny Motifs

Hurricane lamps can be decorated into quick centerpieces for the table for any time of the year. For this project, two hurricane lamps were transformed into Easter candle holders with a minimal amount of supplies. These also make also lovely and inexpensive gifts if you are invited for an Easter brunch or dinner.

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Spring Decorating With Green and White

Spring Decorating With Green and White

Winter itself is such a pretty season, especially when it snows, but most of the days are dreary and dark and lack color. Finally when spring comes and everything starts to bloom and bud, the shade of green seems most welcoming. It is a fresh color and fits perfectly to the nature. These are decorations using green to celebrate the freshness of the spring season and to welcome it with cheer.

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Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs

Paper Mosaic Easter Eggs

Pretty colorful origami paper was used to decorate these eggs in a mosaic style.

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Easter Centerpiece - Wine Glasses with Tea Lights

Easter Tea Light Centerpiece

These wine glasses were previously used for summer and for Christmas and here are two versions that can be used for the table at Easter time. The first is a natural looking version and the second example uses more color.

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Sequins Heart Stone Paperweight

Sparkly Heart Stone Paperweight

Why buy an expensive paperweight when you can make one as lovely and personal as this one for so little? This project is quick and easy for all ages. Kids can create one of these for their mothers for Mothers Day or maybe it would be a nice gift for a loved one for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

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Recycling Craft for Spring - Jar Flower Vases

Jar Flower Vases

When a jar becomes empty in the kitchen, whether it be a coffee jar or jelly jar, it always seems a shame to throw it away. Some of them even have nice shapes. A few are kept to hold small parts like screws and bolts and such. But one only has so many small parts that need organizing.

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