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Hanging Halloween Pumpkin Baskets

Being the the month of October and it seemed appropriate to create pumpkins. The shape of paper tubes are perfect for creating these gourds. All you need otherwise to create basic pumpkins is construction paper and brads.



Hanging Pumpkin Ornaments Set


For this project you will need:

- empty paper towel roll cut into 5 cm segments
- construction paper in different orange shades (cut each piece to measure 5 x 16 cm)
- black construction paper
- 2 orange brads per pumpkin
- die cutting and embossing machine of your choice (optional)
- embossing folders (optional)
- Sizzix Originals Die “Pumpkins #2” to create the faces (optional)
- hole puncher
- pencil
- stick glue
- craft glue
- scissors
- grass and candy corn for filling (optional)


1. If you have a die cutting and embossing machine and embossing folders, emboss the paper strips. Otherwise you can also leave them plain.
2. Wrap and glue the paper strip around the tube segment.
3. Either die cut faces using the pumpkins die from Sizzix or cut faces of your own and glue the pieces onto the pumpkins.
4. To create the handle, cut a 1.5 x 15 cm paper strip. Punch a small hole in each end as well as in 2 opposite sides of the pumpkin. Place the ends of the paper on the inside of the pumpkin and use brads to hold the strip in place.
5. Place the pumpkin on a same colored piece of construction paper. Trace the circumference of the pumpkin on the paper. Add 5 mm to the size of the circle and then cut out. Cut spokes into the added 5 mm and fold the pieces up. Glue these spokes into the inside of the pumpkin and let the bottom completely dry before using the pumpkin.

Hanging Pumpkin Ornaments 3

Hanging Pumpkin Ornaments 2
This friendly face could make anyone smile.





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