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Frog Flower Pot Sitter

This frog not only has a green thumb but will guard your plants with his charming smile!



Frog Pot Sitter

For this project you will need:

- wooden spoon about 4.5 cm or 1 1/2 inch width across
- dark green, white and black acrylic paint
- 2 half wooden beads or round discs 2 cm wide (approximately 3/4 inches)
- dark green fun foam
- black magic marker
- ribbon to create a bow
- tacky glue (or if parents are helping, they could assist with hot glue which is much faster to work with)
- cereal box
- pencil
- scissors

Craft Pattern:

Frog Pot Sitter Pattern

Frog Template






1. Paint the two wooden half beads white. Once dry, paint again if necessary.
2. Paint a black circle on each bead. Once dry, dot a white dot in each black area. You can do this by dipping the backside of your paintbrush in white paint and using it to do the dot.
3. Paint the wooden spoon green and set it aside to dry.
4. While the spoon is drying, print out the frog template to 13 cm or a 4 3/4 inch size (measured from outer toe to outer toe). That should approximately be the proper size. If your spoon is larger or smaller then you may need to adjust the size of the pattern.
5. Glue the pattern page then to the back of a cereal box and cut out. Now you have a permanent and stable template that you can use to trace around.
6. Trace the template onto the fun foam. Make sure to trace one arm in reverse. Now cut out the body and the two arms. Glue the two arms to the body.
7. Once your spoon is dry, you can glue the body to the spoon, where the stick part of the spoon begins.
8. Have a parent help to create a bow and then glue this onto the frog.
9. Glue the eyes onto the frog’s face. Then draw a cute smiling mouth to make him a happy frog.
9. Insert the stick part of the spoon into your pot and the frog can begin to fulfill his duties.

Recommended Ages: 8 and up





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