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Summer Crafts for Kids - Jewelry Crafts - Paper Clip Necklace


Way back in elementary school, I was fortunate to have a teacher who loved to teach us new ideas and crafts using simple materials. Our group once made necklaces like these. It is one of the first crafts I ever remember making and it really fascinated me back then. That was the beginning of a love for making things.

The bear is looking gorgeous wearing her new fancy necklace. This project is inexpensive, easy for kids to create and takes about 30 minutes to complete. It is great project for a group to do together and then each child can show show off his or her new treasure. When finished, the necklace makes an interesting sound as if it were made out of another material. Try it out and see!



Summer Paper Craft for Kids - Jewelry Craft - Paper Clip Necklace

For this project you will need:

- approximately 20 gold paper clips (depending on size of head you may need a couple more or a couple less)
- 1-2 sheets of pretty scrapbook paper or other choice of paper (use fab colors for a  trendy look and more soft colors for a
   vintage look)
- craft glue
- ruler
- scissors

Ages 8 and older




1. Cut 20 (+ -) strips of paper the size of 25 mm x 40 mm (about 1 inch x 1.6 inches).
2. Connect the paper clips together into a necklace.
3. Place glue on the backside of the first strip of paper, center it lengthwise on the paper clip and start to wrap it around. (Image 1)
4. Continue wrapping until the whole piece is used up. (Image 2)
5. Repeat steps 3-4 again with the remaining paper clips until each one is covered.

Paperclip Craft 1
Image 1

Paperclip Craft 2
Image 2



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