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Plaster of Paris Lady Bugs Craft

Silicone baking forms are ideal for creating decorative objects with plaster of Paris. These days there is a large variety to choose from in all different sizes. When using such forms, the details of the castings come out so nicely and when dry, the figures can be easily removed from the form. For this summer project, a couple of lady bugs were created to decorate the house plants. They look so cute, too.



Lady Bug Craft

For this project, these items were used:

- plaster of Paris powder
- water
- rubber mixing bowl
- measuring cup
- spoon for stirring
- red and black acrylic paints
- paint brush

- a silicone baking form with lady bugs such as the example here
Silicone Form - Bugs and Flowers


Please follow the tutorial to create castings to make this project.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Plaster of Paris Tutorial

How to Make Plaster of Paris Castings Tutorial



Plaster of Paris Castings

Painting the Lady Bug
To paint the lady bug, first paint the whole body black (omit painting the eye whites). Add a second coat if necessary. Once dry, paint 2-3 coats of red onto the wings area of the bug. Coat the lady bug with a sealer to seal the paint and to give it a nice shine.

Plaster of Paris Lady Bug

Summer Craft Idea - Lady Bug
These particular lady bugs have cute eyes!





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Plaster of Paris Lady Bug

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