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From an Ordinary Box to a Colorful Toy Box

The Teddies love their new toy box to hang around in. This project takes yarn bombing a step further to make it quicker to do. A knitting mill was used to create yarn cording so that the yarn is thicker and therefore faster to use when covering the box. With the cord, you can create a colorful and soft toy box for the kids.



Yarn Bombing - Upcycled Box - Toybox 1

Supplies Needed:

Knitting Mill or French Knitting Machine
- knitting mill or French knitting machine such as this one in the image below

Colorful Yarn
- colorful yarn (use a yarn that is middle weight and not so fuzzy, like a cotton yarn for example)
- scissors
- hot glue gun


Yarn Bombing - Toybox Tutorial 1
1. First make a very long cord of many colors to start off. To change colors, just knot the first color with the second and cut the ends short. Continue to mill it through. The knot usually will disappear within the cord.

Yarn Bombing - Toybox Tutorial 2
2. Once you have a length you wish to work with, start at the bottom of a box side, draw a line of glue and glue the cord to it. Turn to the next side, add more glue and press the cord onto the glue. Continue in this manner until the entire box is covered.

Yarn Bombing - Toybox Tutorial 3
3. When you have reached the top figure out how much yarn you still need to mill through and then knot the end off. Glue the end to the top of the box and cut the tail of the yarn away. If a little bit is still seen, tuck and glue it underneath the cord if necessary.

Yarn Bombing - Upcycled Box - Toybox 2
The yarn plus hot glue make the box extra stable and strong.

Yarn Bombing - Upcycled Box - Toybox 3
So many pretty colors and a great way to use up some of your yarn stash at the same time.





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