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Bathroom Utility Baskets Sewn From Hand Towels

For Christmas decorating and gifts we made these Utility Baskets using Christmas fabric. Something similar was needed for the bathroom. But a much more durable and water resistant material was required. Somehow it only seemed natural to use hand towels instead of fabric and the result is great. Not only do these have so much body due to the terry cloth material, but if they get dirty, they can be thrown in the washing machine with the towel load and are afterwards as good as new.



Bathroom Utility Basket 2

For this project you will need:

- 2 hand towels each sized 30 x 50 cm or 12 x 20 inches in contrasting colors
- sewing machine and matching thread
- scissors

Instructions: Important: Prewash the towels to prevent shrinking later after they are sewn.

These are made just like the Christmas bags or baskets in the fabric bag tutorial. The only difference is that you are using different colored towels and you can omit the steps 2-5 (unless you also wish to applique a motif on this bag as well).

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

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Bathroom Utility Basket 1

Bathroom Utility Baskets
Hand towels are so practical to use for this project and have a soft look to them as well.





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Bathroom Utility Basket



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