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Cappuccino Can Covered With Fabric

After a can of instant cappuccino was empty, it seemed a shame to throw away the container. So it was cleaned and covered. The fabric used is from Ikea and has the advantage that it has a regular pattern on it. Nice when you want to add embellishments afterwards such as buttons, as was done here.



Recycling Craft - Cappuccino Can Covered with Fabric 3

For one can you will need:

- clean and empty can with lid of choice
- fabric of choice (here fabric found at Ikea was used)
- piece of cardboard such as from a cereal box (for the lid)
- buttons or other embellishments for decorating if you like
- book binding glue
- strong craft glue for gluing on the buttons


1. Measure the height and circumference of the can and cut out a piece of fabric that will cover these plus about 1 cm (about 1/2 inch) overlap in the width for a nice seam. When measuring the height, take into consideration that the lid will still need to fit onto the can so you may not want to go up to the top of the can.
2. On your fabric width, fold over half the overlap amount and glue it down with a thin coat of book binding glue if you like. This will give the edge a clean look.
3. Then brush on a thin coat of book binding glue on the entire can that will be covered by the fabric. Start wrapping the fabric around the can starting on the side with the raw edge (the short edge that is not glued down). Wrap the fabric tightly around the can and then glue the other edge down.
4. To embellish the can, choose buttons or other gems that match the fabric and glue these on however you like. Here the centers of the flowers were covered with different colored buttons.
5. To cover the lid, cut a circle out of the cardboard that will fit the lid. Glue fabric onto the circle and trim the edge. Then glue on a button or gem to embellish.

Recycling Craft - Cappuccino Can Covered with Fabric 1
There are always small items that need safe keeping and it is more fun storing and organizing things when it is done in an attractive way.





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Recycling Craft - Cappuccino Can Covered with Fabric

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