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Fun Rainy Day Paper Craft Ideas for Kids Using Paper, Pencils, Paint and Crayons

Have your kids been complaining that there is “nothing to do”? Especially during the school breaks, they often have time and cannot decide on an activity to fill it. Before they spend hours in front of a TV or computer screen, you can keep them busy with arts and crafts, instead. With a little motivation and a few basic craft supplies, they can be happily creating works of art that they can be proud of!


Abstract Art for Kids
Coloring Fun - Abstract Word Art
Can you read what word is written here? This colorful rainy day project for kids can be made with a sheet of paper and color markers, pencils or crayons. Our kids made similar projects in their schools using their own names, but here, cheery words were chosen to create these pictures. Each handwriting is individual so each piece of art will be unique, as well.

Drawing Fun - draw another face half:
Find a picture in a magazine of someone you like. Fold this picture lengthwise in half so that you have only a half a face meaning 1 eye, 1/2 nose and 1/2 mouth. Cut along the folded line and glue one of the halves on a piece of drawing paper. See if you can now draw the other half on your paper. This is good drawing practice and helps children learn about face proportions.

Painting Fun - Sprinkle Technique:
Create a template out of cardboard of a favorite animal or other shape and lay the template on your sheet of paper. You may want to slip a piece of sticky tape on the back side of your template to keep it from slipping away.

Dip an old toothbrush in tempera paint and brush the toothbrush along an old kitchen sieve over the watercolor papercausing the color to mist through the sieve. Try using several different colors for a wonderful rainbow effect.

Once the colors are dry, remove the template. See how the shape can be seen on the paper.

Painting Fun - Ink Spot Technique:
Use a paintbrush and drop thick globs of color on your watercolor paper. While the color is still wet, fold the paper in half and rub your hand over the folded paper. Open your paper again and see what patterns have been formed from the paints. See what pictures you can find in the spots. Perhaps there is an animal, or a butterfly... or even some strange alien?

Painting Fun - Blowcolor Technique:
Use a paintbrush and drop thick globs of color on your watercolor paper. While the color is still wet, take a drinking straw and blow through the straw close to the drops causing the drops to take other shapes.

Coloring Fun - Scratch Technique:
Take your crayons and color rainbow stripes onto a piece of drawing or watercolor paper. Once your paper is colored, take a black crayon and heavily color over these colors until the paper is full. Now take a knitting needle, spoon end or another pointed but not sharp object and scratch a picture onto the black color. Where you scratch, you will see the originally colored colors shine through again.

Coloring Fun - Creating Texture on Paper
Have your child find different things around the home, i.e. coins, leaves, combs, etc... that are flat but have texture. Now lay these particular things under a sheet of paper and have your child take either crayons or pencils and rub these over the paper where the article is laying underneath. They will see the texture and imprint of the item now on their paper.

Coloring Fun- Wax Technique:
Take your crayons and color many different colors heavily onto parchment or wax paper. Once you are satisfied with how it looks, let your mother help with the next step. She should fold the paper in half and iron it on a cotton setting. While the paper is still warm, she should open the paper again. Look at the beautiful result!






Copyright: Please read this Copyright Information about using the images of this website.


Supplies that will possibly be needed for some of these projects

Watercolor paper
Drawing paper
Magazine with large portraits of people
Drawing pencils
Parchment or wax paper
Cardboard pieces
Watercolor paints
Tempera paints
Magic Markers
Old toothbrushes
Drinking straws
Old kitchen sieve
Paint brushes
An apron or old t-shirt to protect the kid’s clothing
An old table cloth to protect the table surface









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