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Paper Craft for All Occasions - How to Make Paper Roses

When you look at these roses from a distance, they almost look like the real thing and are so pretty. You can make them and use them for many things such as wreaths, as decorative balls, decorating gift wrap, as embellishments for a romantic table setting, as embellishments for place cards, etc...



Paper Rose Wreath

For this project you will need:

- craft paper in the colors of your choice (we chose hues of pink and apricot colors)
- decorative edged scissors with a wavy edge
- a compass drawing tool, circular things you can trace or circle templates
- a pencil
- quilling tool
- clear drying craft glue or low temp hot glue gun

Instructions for one rose:

Paper Roses Tutorial 1
1. Either use a compass drawing tool to make circles or trace around circular items. Use items could be tape rolls, cups, glasses, can lids, etc...

Paper Roses Tutorial 2
2. Cut out the circle with decorative edged scissors.

Paper Roses Tutorial 3
3. Then use the scissors and start cutting a spiral from the outside to the inside. The width should be about 1 centimeter (about 3/8 inch).

Paper Roses Tutorial 4
4. Continue until you reach the inside of the circle. Your shape should look like the one in the image about when finsihed.

Paper Roses Tutorial 5
5. Take a quilling tool and insert the outer end into the slot. Then start to turn the tool towards you...

Paper Roses Tutorial 6
6. ... and keep turning so that the paper wraps itself around the tool.

Paper Roses Tutorial 7
7. When you reach the end, your paper looks similar to this.

Paper Roses Tutorial 8
8. Remove the paper from the tool, and hold it so that it can gently turn itself in the other direction, causing the rose to take shape. When you are satisfied with the size of your rose (you can make one that is a little tigher or one that is slightly looser in shape) then add drops of glue between the petals and also on the bottom of the rose to hold it in place.

Paper Roses Tutorial 9
9. If you use a craft glue, you may have to hold the rose a couple of seconds so the glue can dry a little. This will prevent that the rose does not open up any more than you wish it to.

If you use hot glue, you will get immediate results with the drying time but because the roses are small and delicate, please be careful not to burn yourself while doing it.

Here are more examples of the many ways you can use the roses:

This rose wreath decorates the wall. You can also place it on a table to use as a table wreath. With a candle glass in the middle of the wreath, it makes a lovely centerpiece. The project is time consuming but looks so beautiful when finished. The roses were glued with hot glue onto a polystyrene wreath.

Paper Roses Balls
Rose balls or pomanders can be made to decorate a table for a romantic occasion. These also take quite some time to make. These were hot glued onto to three different sized polystyrene balls.

Paper Rose Gift Wrap Idea
Instead of using a bow to decorate a gift, why not create a couple of roses for it. This was a wedding gift for someone and the roses looked so appropriate for it.





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