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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make a German Paper Star - “Froebel Stern” - Page 2

This star can also be made with metallic paper strips which adds an elegant touch to it. This tutorial is using 4 different colors of paper to make the steps easier to follow.



German Star Tutorial 9

9. Take the bottom left strip (here blue) and turn it under and fold it 90° towards the left so that looks like in the picture above.

German Star Tutorial 10

10. Fold then this (here blue) strip 90° upwards so it looks like the picture here.

German Star Tutorial 11

11. Fold then the same strip in lengthwise in half (90° to the right).

Fröbel Stern Bastelanleitung 12

12. You see a small triangle at the bottom. For the moment, tuck it under so that it is not in the way. Now take the strip (here blue) and tuck through the loop that is underneath it (here green).

German Star Tutorial 13

13. this.

German Star Tutorial 14

14. Now the star looks like this. Now you will turn your work 90° clockwise and follow steps 9-14 again. In this case, your next color will be the pink strip. Repeat steps 9-14. Now do the same two more times (in this case then green, then yellow)...

German Star Tutorial 15

15. ... until your star now looks like this.

German Star Tutorial 16

16. Turn your work completely over.

German Star Tutorial 17

17. that it looks like this. The front side outer points are finished.



>>> To do the Outer Points on the Back Side, Click Here to Continue




Froebel Star - German Christmas Star
Froebel Star Craft Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.

German Star Wreath in White
German Star Wreath
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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