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Summer Flower Arrangement

Recycling jars from the kitchen is fun because you can use them all sorts of ways. Using them as vases is really easy. For the spring, these Jar Flower Vases were created to fill the window sill with color. For the summer you can keep the basic idea and just change the colors and create vases in blues and whites to add a touch of ocean life to the home. The felt wool around the rim of the glass helps hide the screw top seam and adds a decorative touch at the same time.



Recycling Craft Using Jars - Summer Flower Arrangement 1

For this project, these items were used:

- all sizes and shapes of of clean and empty jars (the more, the merrier)
- felt wool on a roll in the colors of light blue and off-white
- decorative rocks in the colors of dark blue, off-white and a mixed blues combination
- hot glue gun
- artificial flowers - white flowers were used here to enhance the white and blue colors of the rocks and wool


First hot glue the strand of woll to the top rim of the jar to hide the seam area. Do this by just adding a drop of glue, pressing the wool onto it and after about 3 centimeters or about an inch or so, adding the next drop of glue and pressing the wool into it. Keep doing this until the rim is covered. Depending on the size of the rim, this will be about 2-3 rows of wool.

Then fill the jar with decorative rocks in a color of choice. Sometimes you can use the same color but it also looks pretty if you use a contrasting color.

Once the rocks are in the jar, add a flower of choice.

Recycling Craft Using Jars - Summer Flower Arrangement 2

Recycling Craft Using Jars - Summer Flower Arrangement 3
This is a close up view of one of the jars. These jars are the most pretty when arranged in a group.





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Recycling Craft Using Jars - Summer Flower Arrangement

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