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Small Drawstring Backpack

This backpack is perfect for small kids to carry their things in. It has a drawstring opening that can be closed and the straps on the sides will hold the backpack securly on their bodies. This backpack has a cotton lining to give it more durability. You can choose instead a fabric that is water resistent if you like. Tip: If you leave away the bottom loops, you can use this bag into a shoe bag instead.



Sewing Craft - Fabric Drawstring Backpack for Kids - open

For this project you will need:

- two coordinating pieces of fabric measuring 60 cm (24 inches) x  27 cm (10.8 inches) each
- 2 pieces of matching cording measuring each 11 cm (4.4 inches)
- 2 pieces of matching cording measuring 1.20 meters (48 inches) each
- matching thread
- quilters ruler
- standard sewing supplies


The step-by-step tutorial in the link below will demonstrate how the backpack is made. You may choose to adjust the size of the fabric or the lengths of the cording to fit your own purposes or for an older child.

Illustrated Craft Tutorial:

Child's Small Backpack Tutorial

Child’s Drawstring Backpack Tutorial


Child's Fabric Backpack
Now Teddy can be taken along on trips and is safe and snug in the backpack.

Sewing Craft - Fabric Drawstring Backpack for Kids - closed
There is enough space to fill the bag with whatever is needed for the journey.





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Sewing Craft - Fabric Drawstring Backpack for Kids



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