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The “Finnish Star” Tutorial demonstrating a paper star made by weaving paper strips and that was originally found on this page, cannot be shown at this time. Look here Finnish Star to see finished stars that were once made using this tutorial. The tutorial has been officially copyrighted under the name “Carolina Snowflake” and can now only be purchased by the copyright holder.

We would like to suggest other lovely paper star craft and a snowflake craft on this website that you can make instead. We hope you will enjoy creating these!



Christmas Paper Craft - Christmas Star Window Decoration_0139

Lacy Paper Snowflake Craft, Supplies Needed and Tutorial

Checked Red and White German Paper Star

German Paper Star Craft and Supplies Needed

German Paper Star Tutorial

Dimensional Paper Snowflake

Dimensional Snowflake Craft and Supplies Needed

Dimensional Snowflake and Star Tutorial

Snowflakes Template

Eight Pointed 3-D Metallic Stars

3-D Eight-Pointed Metallic Stars Craft Project

3-D Eight-Pointed Metallic Stars Craft Tutorial




Finnish Star - Click here to see examples of this fun Christmas project.

Paper Craft for Christmas - Gold Finnish Star 200




More Tutorials for Christmas Crafts

Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make Woven Paper Hearts Christmas Ornaments

How to Make 3-D Metallic Stars

Creating Holiday Cardboard Stars

Tutorial - Table Lantern Holiday Craft

Easy Translucent Star 1

Paper Christmas Ornament

Origami Paper Star Tutorial

Finnish Paper Star

German Paper Star (Froebel Star)
Page 2   Page 3

Woven Paper Heart Ornaments

Paper Snowflakes

Easy Translucent Star 3

Easy Translucent Star 2

How to make a Christmas Lantern

Mini-Translucent Star

Transparent Paper Star 4 Tutorial

Transparent Paper Star 5 Tutorial

Natural Straw Star Ornaments for the Christmas Tree


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