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Crafts for All Seasons - Summer Crafts - Acrylic Painting with Daisy

Indulge yourself and paint! It relaxes the mind and the results can often be very rewarding. There are no rules to making such paintings and the more you paint, the more you will want to try out new techniques. Let this picture inspire you into making a similar painting or doing your own thing.



Summer Craft - Painting - Daisy Acrylic Picture

For this project you will need:

- acrylic paints in blue, white and yellow
- square paint canvas
- sand
- papermaché daisy ornament
- glitter
- tacky glue




1. Basecoat canvas with blue and let completely dry.
2. Paint the daisy white and paint yellow for the center.
3. Follow craft recipe above. Once thickend, apply the mixture onto the canvas as seen in the picture.
4. Let the mixture dry.
5. Paint the dried mixture with blue paint and add white paint into the still wet blue paint and make highlights on the raised parts. Sprinkle glitter on the wet paint and let paint completely dry.
6. Glue daisy onto the top corner of the painting.

How to make Textured Paint:
You need: white acrylic paint and sand.

Fill an empty jelly or mustard jar about half full with white paint. Add about 2 tablespoons of sand and mix in with the white paint. Continue adding sand and mixing as you go along until the mixture is thick. Apply with a small spatula on your item. The mixture will need to dry overnight.



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