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Illustrated Sewing Tutorial - How to Sew a Christmas Stocking

Create these for the whole family at Christmas time! Give all pattern pieces a 1 cm seam allowance. How to Applique Fabric Motifs



Christmas Stocking Tutorial 1

1. Place your first fabric with right sides facing and cut out 2 stockings. This will be your outside stocking fabric. Repeat this for the second fabric. This will be your lining fabric.

Christmas Stocking Tutorial 2

2. Now cut the same size stockings out of your batting fabric.

Christmas Stocking Tutorial 3

3. Iron the batting to the backsides of both outside stocking pieces.

Christmas Stocking Tutorial 4

4. Place the outside stocking pieces together so that the right sides are facing each other. Pin these 2 pieces together. Do the same with the lining fabric.

Christmas Stocking Tutorial 5

5. Sew now along outside edge of the outside stocking pieces together. Leave a 10 or more cm opening along one side for turning and also leave the top of the stocking open.

Now sew the lining stocking pieces together leaving also the top open. Turn the lining stocking so that the right side is on the outside.

Matching edges at the heel and toe, insert the sewn lining inside of the outside stocking piece. (The right sides are now facing each other). Pin along the top edge and now sew the top edge closed.

Christmas Stocking Tutorial 6

6. This part is tricky. Through the 10 or more cm opening along the side, pull the lining through and then pull the reverse (good side) of the stocking through. Once sewn, turn the outside stocking piece to the outside. Insert the lining correctly now into the stocking by matching heel and toe. Press your stocking in form if necessary. Fold the cuff down and add a hanging loop on the backside of the top of the stocking.

Christmas Stocking Tutorial 7

7. Follow these instructions How to Applique Fabric Motifs (Ignore step 8) for making appliques and create your appliques for the stocking. Iron them on following manufacturers instructions.

Christmas Stocking Tutorial 8

8. Hand stitch along the appliques for a country look.

Christmas Stocking Tutorial 10

9. Cut a small strip of the beige fabric and insert it through the button. Sew the button onto the star.

Christmas Stocking Tutorial 9

10. Cut another small strip of the beige fabric and create a bow for the deer. Stitch beads onto the tree.




Patchwork and Sewing Craft for Christmas - Country Stocking
Christmas Stocking
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