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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How To Make Small Greeting Card Gift Boxes

You can also adjust the width of the side walls to be higher but take into account that this will make the box dimension smaller.



Greeting Card Box 1

1. Cut the front half of the card on the fold and discard the other half. Turn the card over and use a stylus to score a line on each side of the card. Depending on the size of the card, the line should be 1-3 cm from the edge.

Greeting Card Box 2

2. On each corner is now a small square as a result of the scoring. On each of the 4 short edges, cut into this square on the line until you reach the crease.

Greeting Card Box 3

3. You will now fold all of the sides on the creased lines.

Greeting Card Box 4

4. Also fold the small squares as well.

Greeting Card Box 6

5. Once you have folded all of the sides, tuck the flaps (squares) of the short sides in so that there are now 4 side walls to your box. Place a piece double-sided adhesive tape on the flaps. Remove the protective backing and then press the flap to the long side wall.

As an alternative, you may also use craft glue to adhere the box together. Craft glue takes longer to dry but holds a lot better. You can use paper clips or clothes pins to hold the walls together until the glue dries.

Greeting Card Box 8

6. Remove the protective paper backing and then stick these flaps to the short side walls. Now the first half is finished. Follow steps 1-7 again and make a second box half. This time cut a piece of cardstock 1 mm shorter on each of the long and short sides. This will ensure that the top of the box sits perfect on the bottom of the box.




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