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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Paper and Fabrics for Decorating Cards or Scrapbook Pages

In craft stores and in stationary stores, you can find a huge selection of papers. These special papers and fibers add elegant touches to your paper craft projects. Here is just a small selection of what is available.



Fiber Paper

1. Fiber paper is a wonderful way of decorating your card so that it has a carefree and natural look. It is available in so many different colors. It looks the most effective when the pieces are torn out instead of cut out. The uneven edges give the card an interesting look.

Plain Vellum

2. Vellum is a thin glossy see through paper and is very useful for decorating cards. You can also use a printer and print sayings and verses on it. To attach it onto a card, you can use eyelets which look very decorative! Another alternative is using 2-sided self adhesive tape or foil. Cover the complete backside. If you use just a small piece to stick it, the piece can be seen through the vellum.

Printed Vellum

3. Vellum is also available with prints already on it. For all occasions and all seasons of the year you can find the appropriate motif of color for your card making needs.

Scrapbook Paper

4. Scrapbook paper comes in so many colors and designs.

Special Season Papers

5. You can also purchase packs of scrapbook sheets that are dedicated to a season or holiday.

Natural Handmade Papers

6. Mulberry paper is a natural paper that can also be bought in many different colors. It also looks wonderful as a background paper for a card. When the edges are torn instead of cut, it can also be very decorative.

Jute Ribbons

7. Fabric jute ribbons are also decorative for cards with a primitive or country look. Cut a piece and pull a couple of the threads away for a frayed look.

Paper Napkins

8. You can also use paper napkins to decorate cards. These motifs can be fused onto cardstock and then adhered onto a card.

Specialty Fabrics

9. Use specialty fabrics with small motifs to decorate cards.

Fusible Web for Adhering Paper

10. Fusible web is a clean useful technique for adhering paper, fabric or paper napkins to paper or fabric. More here >>> Fusible Web Tutorial for Paper Napkins or Fusible Web Tutorial for Fabric






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