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Pencil Holder With India Design

This pencil holder can be made for those who appreciate the ornate and exquisite patterns of India. Once you have the pencil holder finished, you can add a few gems add a touch of sparkle to the project.



Pencil Holder in India Design

For one can you will need:

- clean can
- Decopatch paper or wrapping paper printed with an exotic India design
- Decopatch glue for the Decopatch paper or decoupage glue for the wrapping paper
- soft, flat paint brush
- round gems to match paper
- jewel glue


1. Cut your paper to fit the height of the can and the width of the can plus 2 cm of overlap.
2. Cover the can completely with a thin coat of your glue.
3. Then cover the can with your paper. Make sure that the paper is accurately placed on the can and that there are no wrinkles. Softly press the paper into the grooves of the can (if it has them) so that the texture shows through.
4. Let can dry. Once dry, glue gems at regular intervals depending to the pattern of your paper.





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Pencil Holder in India Design

Pencil Holder in India Design



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