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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Fuse Fabric

You can use fabric to create motifs for cards, too.

1. Fuse your piece directly onto the card as a background piece..... or.....

2. Fuse your piece onto a piece of white cardstock, cut it out and use 3-D pads or foam tape to adhere it onto a card or tag.



Fusing Fabric 1

1. Fusible web is a clean to use fabric “glue”. With it you can adhere fabric to other fabric or even fabric to wood, paper, etc...

Trace desired pattern on the backside- the paper side of fusible web. If your fabric has motifs, such as the snowman in the card example above, then just fuse the fabric to the backside of this fabric motif without marking the fusible web.

Fusing Fabric 3

2. Place the piece on to the backside of a fabric piece and iron on cool.

Fusing Fabric 2

3. Once cool, cut out the design.

Fusing Fabric 5

4. Remove paper backing. There is now a film on the back side of the fabric piece. This is the fusible web glue.

Fusing Fabric 7

5. Turn piece over with the white film side down and iron the piece on another piece of fabric or other underground you choose.

To make motifs for cards, fuse the fabric onto cardstock and then cut it out. These can then be adhered to a card using 3-D foam tape or double sided adhesive.




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