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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Special Effects and Useful Tools You Can Use to Decorate Your Cards and Papercrafts

Below you will find a few of the many ways you can embellish your cards or papercrafts. More ideas can be found here >>> Card and Papercraft Tips and Tutorials

These are just a few of the many different tools available to help you give your cards or scrapbooks a special touch.



Pricking Needle


Pricking Needle 1

1. With a pricking needle and a foam mat, you can create special effects onto cards. An alternative is to use a sharp thicker sewing needle and a piece of thick cardboard, fun foam, cork or a towel underneath.

Pricking Needle 2

2. You can create a pattern with the holes by drawing a design on your card. Punch along the lines at an even interval. Continue until all of the lines have been pricked. If you like this look, erase the pencil markings.

Pricking Needle 3

3. Or you can turn your paper over, you will see that the holes are raised. This is also an interesting effect depending on your needs.



Paper Punches


4. Paper punches come in so many designs and motifs. These are the standard punches. There are also other ways to die cut paper by using a die cutting machine.

Cuttlebug Die Cutting Machine

Sizzix Side Kick

Punched Motifs

5. When you use the punches, two things happen. You will have the positve motifs that you can use to decorate cards. And you will have the negative motifs (the paper with the punched out holes). You can also use these negatives to decorate cards if you like.



Peel-Off Stickers and Sticker Pens

Peel Off Stickers and Pens

6. Metallic stickers come in all possible sayings and motifs. They are usually sold in gold and silver colors. There are special sticker pens to color them in all sorts of colors to match your cards.



Craft Knife

Craft Knife

7. You can use scissors to cut your motifs out, but for inside areas and for very straight lines, it is useful to have a craft knife. If you have a patchwork ruler or a metal straight edge, you can get perfectly straight lines by cutting along the edges of these items. Once the blades of the knife get dull they can be changed out.



Metal Embossing Plates and Light Box

Metal Embossing Plates

8. Brass templates can be used for embossing images onto cardstock. For every season of the year and for all possible occasions, you can find the motifs you need to suit your purposes.

Light Box 1

9. Tape your template onto a light board especially made for this purpose.
Tip: If you do not have a light board, you can also use a window. The light coming from outside shines through the template as well.

Light Box 2

10. Lay your paper over the template and secure it if possible with a small piece of masking tape. Masking tape is recommended so that you can remove it afterwards without tearing your card. Now use the stylus and follow the inside edges of your template.

Light Box 3

11. Once you have finished, remove the paper and turn it over. You now have embossed areas.

More Embossing Techniques:

Cuttlebug Embossing Folders

Fiskars Texture Plates



Paper Crimper

Paper Crimper

12. A paper ribbler is a fast and easy way to turn ordinary paper or cardstock into corrugated paper or cardstock.

Paper Crimper 2

13. Place your paper in the groove at the top of the ribbler and turn the knobs. The ribbler pulls the paper through and embosses the design onto the paper.

Paper Crimper 3

14. This is how the paper looks afterward. You an also buy ribblers with other motifs such as hearts, stars or polka dots, etc...



Decorative Edged Scissors

Decorative Edged Scissors

15. Decorative edged scissors are useful to give your paper crafts a decorative edge or border. These come in all types of edge designs. You can also cut strips using these scissors to create decorative elements for decorating your cards



More ways and ideas to decorate your papercrafts and cards can be found here >>> Card and Papercraft Tips and Tutorials






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