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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Creating a Decoupage Paper Maché Box with Stamps

You will need a paper maché box or any box with a lid, a stiff paint brush, a good craft glue and stamps of your choice.



Decoupage Box Tutorial 1

1. Start with the corners. Apply an even coat of glue to the back of the first stamp and glue to the top of the box and let it hang over both side edges. At the corner, cut a slit into the stamp and press first the one side down and then the second slightly over lapping the first.

Decoupage Box Tutorial 2

2. When done, it will lay flat on both the top of the box and the side edges. Press the stamp firmly at all sides to guarantee that it is laying flat and there are no air bubbles underneath.

Decoupage Box Tutorial 4

3. Once the corners are done, add the next stamp, overlapping the first a bit. Continue along the side edges letting the stamps hang over the top edge. Press these down and if they are too long and glue them underneath the lid of the box. Always make sure to press each stamp firmly to the box after gluing it.

Decoupage Box Tutorial 5

4. Afterwards, add the remaining stamps to the top of the box. Arrange them in a pleasing way and change directions of the stamps if you like. Keep filling up the open spaces.

Decoupage Box Tutorial 6

5. Once finished, your box will look like this. Apply now at least 5 coats of acrylic sealer letting the coats dry between each new addition of sealer. Paint the bottom half of the box with acrylic paint in a color of your choice.




Crafting with Postage Stamps - Decoupage Box
Decoupage Box Craft Project
Click here for a larger image and supply list to make this project.




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