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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Sew a Blanket Stitch

The blanket stitch not only makes a decorative edge for your sewing projects, but can also be used to sew two pieces of fabric or felt together.



Blanket Stitch Tutorial 1

1. Secure your thread in the project you wish to sew. Then come up with your needle from underneath and insert it about 1/4 inch from the edge in the direction you are working and the interval you wish to use. Here the interval between the stiches is about 5-7 mm.

Blanket Stitch Tutorial 2

2. Pull your thread some and you will notice a loop has been created.

Blanket Stitch Tutorial 3

3. Insert your needle into the loop.

Blanket Stitch Tutorial 4

4. Pull the thread tighter...

Blanket Stitch Tutorial 5

5. ... until the stitch is secure.

Blanket Stitch Tutorial 6

6. You will continue as in the previous steps. Here the picture is showing how the needle is coming from underneath again to begin the next stitch.

Blanket Stitch Tutorial 7

7. This is how it looks after you have created more stitches. Continue until you have reached the beginning again and secure the and of the thread.




Felt Frog
Felt Frog Ornament
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