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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - Making Bascetta Paper Stars

This star looks very complicated to make at first but once you realize that it is simply a lot of repetition, you will see it is actually easy to make.

The first part that is really repetition is that each of the 30 paper pieces that need to be folded are all folded using the same technique. Each takes about 45 seconds to a minute to fold once you have done a few and gotten used to the procedure. So about after a half an hour, you can finally start building the star.

Then the system in which the star gets connected together is actually a lot of repetition. You will always be using 3 parts to form a “pyramid”. The “pyramids” are what the protruding points of the star will be called throughout this tutorial, to make it easier to write. There are 20 pyramids in total on each star. Creating such a “pyramid” will in turn create more flat points, which become sides for the next “pyramid”. Each new “pyramid” builds onto a previous one.

The star first will increase in size and when it reaches the middle, it will then start to decrease in size so it can be closed off. This may seem tricky at first. But as long as you are familiar how to build a “pyramid”, it is not as difficult as it may seem.



Part 1 - folding the 30 papers that are necessary to make the star

Start with the first paper:

Bascetta Star Tutorial 1

1. Place your paper in front of you.

If your paper has 2 different colored sides, decide which side you want to be the color of the pyramid points. That side should be facing down. In this case, the snowflake side of the paper.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 2

2. Then fold the paper upwards in half.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 3

3. Open up the paper again.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 4

4. Fold right bottom corner upwards to center crease. Fold left top corner downwards to center crease.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 5

5. Flip the paper over.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 6

6. Fold left bottom side upwards to meet crease line. Fold right top side down to meet crease line.

When done correctly, your paper looks like this image.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 7

7. Flip the paper over again.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 8

8. This image shows you an invisible line that is between the 2 marked “x” points. Fold your paper upwards at this invisible line...

Bascetta Star Tutorial 9

9. ... like this...

Bascetta Star Tutorial 10

10. ...and top right side downwards, like this.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 11

11. Flip the paper over again.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 12

12. Fold the bottom left tab upwards and over the edge.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 13

13. This is how the edge looks when folded over. If your paper is thicker, use a bone folder to press it down, if necessary.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 14

14. Fold right top flap downwards in the same manner. Now your paper looks like this image.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 15

15. Then fold the paper so that the left paper point touches to the right paper point to create a triangle.

Bascetta Star Tutorial 16

16. Fold 29 more squares the same way to achieve a total of 30 folded shapes.




Continue: How to Fold a “Pyramid”


Bascetta Stars Tutorial
Bascetta Paper Stars
These beautiful stars have been a popular craft trend in this country at Christmas for several years now and always seemed like they would be intimidating to make. They are named after the Italian mathematician Paolo Bascetta. 30 pyramid shaped modules are made out of paper that then get connected together to form the final star, which has a total of 20 round points. Neither scissors nor glue is required and they are quite sturdy, when finished.




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