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Abstract Word Art

Can you read what word is written here? This colorful rainy day project for kids can be made with a sheet of paper and color markers, pencils or crayons. Our kids made similar projects in their schools using their own names, but here, cheery words were chosen to create these pictures. Each handwriting is individual so each piece of art will be unique, as well. Here the words “Sunshine” and “Celebrate” were used. You can experiment with different words, such as names of holidays, your own name, feelings or anything else you please. When you hang the art vertically, you hardly even recognize that a word was used.



Word Art Project for Kids

For one page you will need:

- piece of paper
- black marker
- color markers, color pencils or crayons

Recommended for all kids that can write in cursive


Word Art Tutorial 1
1. First place a sheet of paper horizontally on the table.

Word Art Tutorial 2
2. Then fold the paper lengthwise in half.

Word Art Tutorial 3
3. This step is not really necessary but useful if you would like to have a guide for your letters. Fold the top half down to the middle and then up again. This will show you the halfway point so your letters will all be the same height.

Word Art Tutorial 4
4. Then write the word you would like to use on your paper. Try to use the full height of the paper for the first letter and the tops of the lower case letters should be touching the halfway point. If your word is not long enough to cover the width of the paper, you can also cut away excess width if you like.

Word Art Tutorial 5
5. Then turn the paper around so the backside is facing you. Use masking tape (so it does not tear the paper when removing it after this step) to tape it to a window or light source.

Word Art Tutorial 6
6. Trace the word on the backside of the paper. It will be in the wrong direction.

Word Art Tutorial 7
7. Open the page again and your word is mirrored on the second half of the page. Then all you have to do is fill in the spaces between the words as well as any spaces within the words like on the letter s, b and e.

Parents or supervisors may wish to iron out the crease lines if the kids find them disturbung.

Abstract Art for Kids
This is sunshine with the letter S at the bottom of the page.

Rainy Day Art Project for Kids
Turned around, the picture looks completely different.

Word Art
This is celebrate with the letter C at the bottom.

Colorful Abstract Art for Kids
The other way around gives the picture a different feeling to it. It almost looks like an alien of some sort.





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