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Illustrated Craft Tutorial - How to Make Natural Green Wreaths

Experiment using one or more different types of greenery on the same wreath for added effect.



How to Make a Wreath 1

1. Knot the florist wire on the back side of the wreath and secure ends.

How to Make a Wreath 2

2. Knot the wire around the wreath and hold it in front of the wreath.

How to Make a Wreath 3

3. Prepare a few 6 inch bunches of greenery. It looks attractive when more than one type of greenery gets used.

How to Make a Wreath 4

4. Place the first bunch the straw wreath. Bring the wire from the top, wrap around to the inside, around the backside und come up from the bottom and then over the greenery, securing it.The wire will again be in front of your wreath each time you finish. You will always be turning the wreath clockwise when working. The wire will always be wrapped after each new layer.

How to Make a Wreath 5

5. Layer the next group of greenery on top of the first bunch, making sure to cover the wire holding the first bunch tight. Wrap the wire around this 2nd bunch as you did the first time and come back up in front of the wreath as seen in the picture.

How to Make a Wreath 7

6. Continue adding new layers. Each time you follow the instructions in step 2. Make sure that the outside and inside rim of the wreath are also getting covered so that the wreath looks uniform.

How to Make a Wreath 10

7. As you continue, you will be slowly reaching the beginning point. Continue working until there is hardly any more of the wreath showing. Keep adding greenery as before and...

How to Make a Wreath 11

8. ... you will reach a point when it seems you cannot add any more. You will want to tuck the ends of the last layer you added under the top ends of the first layer. You will sort of be lifting the first layers over this last layer. The wire is never to be seen in this process. Therefore, at the end, try to hide the wire under the first batch of greenery while wrapping it around the last bunch and you may have to add a few more pieces of greenery until the beginning and end match in thickness.

How to Make a Wreath 12

9. When completed, the wreath is ready for decorating for the table or for the door. You cannot see where the beginning or the end is.




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